Sunshine & Smiles



In the Sunshine & Smiles 2-day program, children explore, learn and share in a nurturing environment. We introduce colors, shapes, numbers and letters through story-time, crafts and songs. Children do not need to be potty trained for this class. We look forward to meeting your child when they’re ready! 


3 YEARS BY 10/1/19

The pre-school years are filled with wonder and excitement. We discover and explore the basic elements of pre-school education: the alphabet, colors and shapes. We paint, sing and craft our way through a variety of lessons that open up discovery for the 3-year-old child. We learn how to be social with new friends in school and how to have fun along the journey.



4 YEARS BY 10/1/19

The students work in large and small groups acquiring the readiness skills needed for kindergarten. We work on counting, letter recognition, early literacy writing, math and science skills. Social skills are emphasized through active play, sharing, and taking turns. Our curriculum is aligned with the New Jersey Common Core Standards.



Extend-A-Day is a service provided for students of St. Dunstan’s. Children may stay after class and bring their lunches, eat with friends, and spend time enjoying fun activities, games and stories.




Morris Museum

These hands-on exhibits contain objects and interpretive materials that relate to subjects in the arts, sciences, history and humanities. They are aligned to the NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards and are utilized every week by our Pre-Kindergarten students.


We believe that an early introduction to technology will help all of our students as they transition to Kindergarten. Our students learn basic computer skills in a controlled, enjoyable environment, by utilizing educational computer games and

Field Trips

The Nursery School offers several field trips during the school year. Parents or guardians are responsible for their child’s transportation to and from the field trip, and are expected to stay for the duration of the excursion. The teachers will meet the class(es) at the location of the field trip and will lead the group through several planned activities.

Special Visitors

Members from our community will make special appearances throughout the year, to coincide with our lessons. In the past, we’ve had visits from our local firemen, nurses, dentists, McGruff the Crime Dog and Scrubby Bear.